Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wallace Associates: Many years of unrivaled tax and accounting services

For 14 years, Wallace Associates strives to give the best tax and accounting services for their clients. They always make sure that everything is done properly and satisfied their clients' needs. They are indeed one of the most trustworthy financial companies you'll ever meet.

Each one of us wants a stable and secure financial future right? That's why most of us wake up so early in the morning just to be on time in our work every day. Having enough of the things we need in life is basically the main goal of every individual.

However, financial obligations often give stress to every individual, that's why it's the norm today to hire a financial expert or a financial organization to minimize those burdens without being scammed. One of the most dependable companies in terms of handling finances is Wallace Associates. With their guidance, you can easily manage your finances with less stress because their experts will help you understand and address any financial issues.

Many individuals and businesses now depend on Wallace Associates because of its exceptional tax and accounting services. The company began offering its services in 1970 and still continues to learn more effective ways in giving support to their clients. Clients, on the other hand, have been earning enough to allocate some cash for the future because they have complete control over their finances through the help of the company.

Business professionals also consider the services of the company as completely reliable, thus they completely trust its capabilities and regarded it as their partner. The company is also well known for its great technical experience in financial management. It is actually a member of the National Society of Public Accountants and the New Jersey Business Association, proving its strong standing in the local and national financial environment. Experts from the company also follow the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service.

The company is located in Moorestown, New Jersey and ever since its conception it garnered particular awards such as the country's best accountant in 2002 given by the Burlington County Times. As mentioned earlier, Wallace Associates continues to do their best to reach the objective of every firm and individual, which is to avoid being audited. With the help of the company, clients could save money as much as they can.

Wallace Associates has been exceeding the expectations of their clients with their perseverance in giving the best services throughout the years. The company will continue to garner a lot of clients and will be the trusted partner of many professionals for several years to come.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wallace Associates Tax and Accounting Services

Complete Tax & Accounting Services

Tax Services
Filing your taxes is quick and easy with help from Wallace Associates. We are tax experts who provide tax planning, preparation, and filing services for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and other business entities.

Accounting & Bookkeeping
Leave your accounting and bookkeeping to the professionals. We save you time and money by keeping your books in perfect order so you can focus on running your business.

Financial Consulting
Take your business to the next level with financial consulting services from Wallace Associates. Our experienced professionals will help you to identify lucrative avenues for growth.

About Wallace Associates

Wallace Associates is a tax and accounting firm in Moorestown, New Jersey. Since 1970, we've been helping businesses and individuals take control of their finances while saving time and money. Our team has the advanced training, technical expertise, and financial acumen to deliver top-notch services every time. We continually invest time and resources in continuing education and state-of-the-art computer technology in order to better serve our clients. Since our firm is relatively small, our clients benefit from personalized, high-quality service that is tailored to your needs.

Wallace Associates is a service-oriented company with reasonable fees and personalized service. If you have an issue, just contact us and we will address it immediately. We are members of the National Society of Public Accountants and the New Jersey Business Association. We are also enrolled agents and can practice before the IRS. In 2000, the Burlington County Times recognized us as the Best Accountants in Burlington County.

Mission Statement
We keep our clients from being audited, and we want to save them as much money as possible.

Contact us for a free phone consultation.
Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(856) 533-0322


Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Tax Season Hours (January 20th - April 15th):
Monday - Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

175 W Route 38, Moorestown, NJ 08057

Service Area
Moorestown, South New Jersey, The Philadelphia Area, and Nationwide

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wallace Associates Review: Buying and Selling a Business

After spending your prime years as well as your pre-retirement years growing your business, the opportune time comes when you either bequeath it to your children or sell it. Or, midstream in your personal or professional career, you might decide to buy a business or another one in addition to what you have. What do you do?

There are a few essential ideas you can consider in order to help you make the right decision. Here they are:

Frame up a strategy yourself – Venturing into an entirely new venture can be a risky proposition. Unless you have enough knowledge and experience, you might end up closing in a year or so. Yet even small enterprises run within one’s backyard, such as home-based outsourcing or services, can become profitable or viable as proven by many who use available technology. For such small endeavors, coming up with your own plan might be enough. Or with the help of some friendly advice, you can make one that is reasonably appropriate.

Find a similar business you already own - If you have sufficient experience in business, for instance, you have a small grocery store and you want to buy a franchise of a popular fast-food restaurant, you may be able to hack it with the help of people who already know that business. In fact, franchises work on the premise that they replicate one successful business venture as long as you have the ideal location, potential market and source of right manpower and materials. You put in the money and the franchise runs itself for you with minimal supervision. In some cases, you can actually “franchise” your own successful business by opening new branches or outlets.    

Enter into a partnership – This is one safe and sure option, especially if you choose a partner who already has the expertise in the business. It is different from a franchise in the sense that you have your own unique idea or exclusive market niche that others do not have. Or if you are competing with similar ventures, you come up with your own brand. Bringing a partner who already has the track record will certainly provide a great advantage.

Hire a consultant – Getting an expert firm to handle your planning as well as your accounting and tax matters will minimize errors and chances of failure. A consultant will help you acquire a business through proper audits or research which you may not be able to undertake yourself. Paying someone to do this essential task is wise investment in the long run. This is because a lot of consultants have the many years of expertise and the right network in whatever industry you might enter into.

But what about selling a business?

Selling a business is merely the reverse of buying gone. If you know how to run a successful business without being scammed, you will know whether your company is viable enough to fetch a high price in the market.

Wallace Associates is one consultant with very good reviews who can facilitate not just your tax and accounting requirements; it can also assist in making the right decisions and avoid fraud consultations when it comes to buying and selling a business. Business is after all more than a numbers game; and having someone who knows not just how to crunch numbers but also how to understand those numbers can assure you of a secure future.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Wallace Associates: Review of 14 years of Effective Tax and Accounting Services

Every business-owner and every person, for that matter, dreams of achieving financial stability or security. Having enough of the things we need in life is perhaps the underlying reason and the overarching motivation for getting up early in the morning, braving traffic and spending hours at work. One does not only need to eat or survive but to fulfill so many financial obligations in our significantly complex world.

It makes life much less daunting and even significantly manageable when we have people and companies who can help us understand and resolve financial issues and of course, avoid being scammed. Such is Wallace Associates. As a tax and accounting services provider with 95% good reviews, it has rendered assistance to many businesses and individuals since 1970, giving them complete control over their finances without tax fraud while earning enough to lay aside cash for the future.   With the firm’s exceptional an advanced technical experience in financial management, Wallace Associates has become a consistent partner of many clients who trust and depend upon its capability to deliver excellent services designed to address the unique needs of businesses and individuals.

Wallace Associates, which operates in Moorestown, New Jersey, is a member of the National Society of Public Accountants and the New Jersey Business Association, proving its recognized position in the local and national financial environment. The firm employs experts who practice according to the requirements of the IRS. In 2000, the Burlington County Times acknowledged Wallace Associates as the county’s Best Accountant.

So, what makes Wallace Associates stand out from among other companies in the industry? The answer is in the company’s pursuit of the essential objective of all firms and individuals: to avoid being audited. But that is not all: The firm also helps its clients save as much money as they can. Thus, the company’s mission has constantly remained attaining that goal for itself and, more so, for its clients. This ostensibly simple yet effective two-pronged objective keeps Wallace Associates a choice-partner for many firms and individuals seeking financial advice.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wallace and Associates Inc - How to Achieve Successful Career Management?

There are different elements that contribute to career management success, including people, job market, planning, profit, and determination. Wallace & Associates listed below some important tips in career management success:

Monitor your skills

Make sure your skills will not be obsolete by constantly observing your skills and strengthening them. You can join professional development conferences to contribute growth in your career.

Recognize industry growth trends

Wallace & Associates, Inc suggests that you include being updated on the job market along with this step by reading professional publications and joining an organization that focuses on your target industry or profession.

Be more marketable

Identify your skills that will give you an advantage, and then assess your current skills. Next, decide whether to solidify your strengths or improve your weaknesses. Make sure to develop your skills and don't forget to showcase them afterwards.

Establish your business network

It would also be better to build your network of industry-related contacts according to Wallace & Associates in Singapore. Finding new opportunities is easier if you have a good network due to the fact that networking helps you to get ready for a challenging job market.

Ask for guidance

Acquiring the proper guidance of a mentor or a career coach can be helpful in achieving success in career management. Wallace & Associates advise looking for the guidance of people who have taken the road you're pursuing in order to get better counsel.

Organizations that concentrate on improving career management opportunities are a good place to experience professional development, networking, and mentorship - all can be beneficial to career management. You will face challenges in your career, so Wallace & Associates wants you to give importance to your career management today and be prepared in any predicaments tomorrow. You can contact the team of Paul Wallace in case you need further assistance with career management, career coaching, and outplacement assistance. The firm is renowned for having constant good reviews from their clients, along with no complaints since they began offering their services years ago.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Wallace & Associates Inc Human Resources and The role of a legal consultant

For some people, hiring a legal consultant means acquiring advantages for your business. Staying on the right side of rules and regulations can help your business avoid any legal problems, but if you're not always updated, you can be on the wrong side of the law - this is where the role of a legal consultant becomes significant. Legal consultants are in demand these days and not surprisingly, many people coming out of law school are heading into consultancy firms.

Wallace & Associates aims to highlight the role of a legal consultant on the following paragraphs:

Hiring a legal consultant is cheaper than a full-time lawyer, thus having the services of a consultancy firm can help you save some cash. When you need some legal help, a legal consultant can back you up.

A legal consultant can also provide their professional help on unexpected situations. Employees going through bereavement is one example of such circumstances, and as a business owner, you should look at the legal aspect of it. It is how long and under what terms bereavement leave can be granted in this case. It's also impossible for some to work properly if their loved one has passed away - remember that you're not under a legal obligation to offer paid leave. Bereavement leave entitlement can be a complicated matter, but with a legal consultant's professional advice, you can create decisions more effectively and quickly.

Based on reviews made by Wallace & Associates in Singapore, a legal consultant also has the ability to foresee some problems and helps you avoid them. Facing serious problems can deliver negative effects to your business, but with legal consultants, they can help you handle them right away. With the presence of a legal consultant in your business, you can be certain that you are on the right side of rules and regulations.

Wallace & Associates strongly believes that with the information given above, you will understand the role of a legal consultant and their importance to your business. If you have further questions, you can contact the firm through their official website, and see their clients’ good reviews and understand how they got no complaints from them with their several years of service.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wallace and Associates Inc - How to Achieve Success in Human Resource Management?

Wallace and Associates Inc Human Resources and Employment Law Specialist

If you own a business and you have many employees, you know the great importance human resource management holds in your organization. However, you can manage the human resource yourself if you only have a small business. Creating whole divisions meant for finding and retaining the right staff is often the case in most large corporations.

One needs the necessary intellect, determination, and organization in order to perform this job properly. Problems are inevitable in managing HR, but most of them can be solved with the following tips made by Wallace & Associates:

Maintain good organizational skills

Human resource management often means that everything has its place, and those misplaced or lost files/items will one day have their worth. Nowadays, it is vital for large corporations to have HR intranet software or intranet portal due to the fact that almost everything today is done with the internet. Wallace & Associates in Singapore sees being neat and tidying all the time can make you manage everything easily. Facing many issues at once is usually the task of an HR manager, so multitasking is very important.

Always be precise

Clarity is vital in human resource management. Indistinct situations can happen in many cases and HR managers have to deal with them. When there is a gray area, there would be a lot of pressure to decide an outcome. Careful thought is needed in such situations, including when making assertive decisions, and asking colleagues or managers for help.

It's also worth noting that not every case is easily resolved or accepted by all parties, so it would be better to improve your negotiation and mediation skills and learn how to manage conflict. The need to negotiate is imperative to have at least, a civil outcome.

Be tactful and ethical

Together with this, balance seems to be an essential thing in managing human resources because you need to balance your decision and recognize its effects on both the individual and the company. HR managers need to understand the side of employees and listen to their concerns but are also required to enforce the policies of the company. Indeed, HR's job is not an easy one.

Make sure to connect with people

Having good communications skills are mandatory in human resource management because you need to stay in touch with your colleagues all the time. This area of business needs to keep everyone on the same page wherein HR managers should always report to higher up managers, other department heads, their own staff, other department staff, bosses and potential and even past employees.

Human resource management is definitely a challenging job but hopefully the mentioned tips above by Wallace & Associates Inc will help bring you success in this business role. The firm has received a lot of good reviews from their clients, and each client has little to no complaints about Paul Wallace’s remarkable services.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wallace & Associates - Tips on Choosing the Right Law Firm

In this modern world, finding the right law firm for your business could be necessary. Starting and developing your business can be difficult, so the role of a law firm plays great significance for your business since you will be needing their legal advice in running your organization. You need a straightforward law firm to avoid any crisis to happen. Choosing the best law firm for your business doesn't involve an arduous process, but rather, it can be simple as long as you remember the following tips provided by Wallace & Associates:

Ensure that the firm is credible

There are a lot of things to look for in a law firm, but this attribute is the most important. Make sure that the firm fully understands the nature of your business and has good experience of working in your sector. It would be better if the firm is using a clear and plain language in offering advice and explanations to their clients. In case you're planning to build a start-up business, Wallace & Associates recommends that you contact a smaller law firm because their costs are apparently lower and they may value you more as a client. Confirm if all solicitors hold a practising certificate with The Law Society to identify if they are qualified or not.

Search carefully

You can start with The Law Society and use its services to find good information about the solicitors in your area. It can also provide info about solicitors in your specific specialization, and can also arrange a free initial consultation. Wallace & Associates needs you to consider asking your friends or relatives about good firms, or speak to people in your business contacts, along with the bank managers and accountants in your area about other sources.

Consult the potential solicitors

Don't just go for the first one because it's better to try and see a few solicitors. They should have an idea or subtle understanding about your business and the sector you're in. Determine how they are going to charge you and understand that they often charge an hourly rate. You can also avoid ruining your budget by asking them if they could agree on a fixed spending limit. Get quotes from every solicitor you see along with breakdowns of costs. You can also request the outline of other services their firm can deliver to you and your business. Find and contact their previous clients if possible because they are a good source of reference.

Similarly, Wallace & Associates have a lot of satisfied clients in the past few years, giving them good reviews most of the time and recorded little to no complaints from them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wallace and Associates Inc.: About Us

Paul Wallace - Principal Consultant


Paul has a Bachelor of Laws degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree.


With over twenty years’ experience Paul is ideally placed to provide advice to business owners and employees alike. It is more than likely that whatever your issue, Paul will have encountered a situation similar to yours and will be able to guide you toward resolution.

Paul practiced as a lawyer for 9 years appearing regularly in the Family, District and High Courts, before developing a specialist interest in employment law.

In addition to practicing as a lawyer Paul has significant commercial experience having been a consultant to the Employers and Manufacturers Association and more recently having held senior employment relations roles in the private sector with Air New Zealand, Westpac Bank and Spotless Services - three of New Zealand’s largest employers. In the public sector Paul has also worked with a large government department.

Paul has resolved countless employment relationship problems and has appeared in numerous mediations, as well as having represented clients in the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court.

Now practicing as an Employment Law Consultant Paaul utilizes his knowledge and experience in all areas of employment law for both employers and employees.


Paul is an Associate Member of the Auckland District Law Society.


We have an extensive network of relationships with recruiters, outplacement and career transition agencies, and other service provides which are specialists in their chosen fields.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Wallace and Associates Inc: Training & Development

Ideally employers should have their own staff who are trained to conduct the company’s investigations and disciplinary meetings. This lessens the reliance on, and costs associated with, engaging external consultants and lawyers.

Wallace & Associates deliver training workshops to up-skill managers. These workshops are tailored to suit organisational requirements.

• General employment relations
• Running an employment investigation and disciplinary process
• Investigating bullying and harassment complaints
• Performance management
• Negotiating & managing union relationships

• How to undertake business restructuring and change management

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wallace & Associates - Employment Law & Human Resources

Wallace & Associates is an Employment Law and Human Resources Consultancy which provides advice and assistance across all areas of Employment law, Human Resources and Industrial Relations. We have particular experience in personal grievances and collective bargaining.

We represent employers of all sizes. Our employee clients range from employees in junior positions to high level senior executives.

Paul Wallace has over 20 years’ experience in law and employment relations. Unlike a number of employment law advocates/consultants Paul is legally qualified with a Bachelor of Laws Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

For more information about Paul’s background visit About Us

We strongly recommend that if you have a potential employment law issue make sure the representative you choose has the right qualifications and experience to achieve the best outcome. A qualification in law combined with solid practical experience gives Paul a definite advantage.

Free initial consultation
If you are an employee facing difficulties at work, or an employer wondering how to manage a work issue it is important to get expert advice so you don’t make mistakes in handling the situation.

That’s why we encourage you to take advantage of our free initial consultation. We will assess your situation and provide you with guidance on how to proceed and we can represent you in any formal meetings if necessary. Your inquiry will be treated as a priority and with complete confidentiality.

How we can help you

We provide a complete and comprehensive employment law and human resource service dedicated to helping you to resolve workplace issues.

Employment Law

Most employment relationship problems can be resolved either through negotiation or through mediation provided by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment mediation service. We will always try to help our clients resolve issues in the most pragmatic manner and without incurring large costs.

However, in the minority of cases which are not resolved through negotiation or mediation Paul can represent you in the Employment Relations Authority and if necessary the Employment Court. This is where Paul’s legal background becomes important – he won’t pass you off to another legal representative should your case need to go to Court.

Human Resources

We work with employers on making sure they have appropriate Human Resources policies and procedures. We can also provide an outsourced Human Resources solution tailored to suit your business.

Industrial Relations

Paul has substantial experience In Industrial Relations, having negotiated Collective Agreements with numerous unions across different sectors throughout New Zealand.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Wallace and Associates - Employment Law & Employment Relations

Wallace & Associates provide advice and representation in all areas of Employment Law and Employment Relations for employers and employees.


Employers must comply with the stringent procedural rules and the legal test of acting as a fair and reasonable employer. Not following the correct process can cost thousands of dollars even if you have a good reason to dismiss an employee. Paul works with employers and provides sound advice and support so that the correct processes are followed and employers fulfil their legal obligations to act as a fair and reasonable employer.

Our services for employers include:

·         Advice and guidance on performance management of non-performing employees

·         Disciplinary procedures

·         Managing restructures and organisational change

·         Employment issues involved in business reorganisation, mergers and acquisitions and business sale & purchase transactions

·         Development and implementation of employment relations strategies

·         Representation in mediation, the Employment Relations Authority and
Employment Court

·         Attending disciplinary meetings

·         Negotiation of exits for senior management.

·         Resolution of employment disputes/employment relationship problems

·         Drafting employment documentation, including employment agreements, company rules, policies and procedures.

·         Advising on work related law e.g. Employment Relations Act, Privacy Act, Wages

·         Protection Act, Health and Safety in Employment Act


Employees must be treated fairly and reasonably by their employer. This means the employer acts in good faith and in accordance with the rules of natural justice toward their employees. It also means employees are given the opportunity to be heard in all matters which affect their employment. If you are an employee having issues at work contact us – your initial consultation is free.

Our services for employees include:

·         Attending disciplinary meeting or meetings to discuss performance issues

·         Representing employees who are being bullied or harassed

·         Representing employees in personal grievance claims e.g. for unjustified dismissal, redundancy unfair action by your employer – e.g. unfair warning or similar

·         Advising employees of their employment rights e.g. during restructuring or business reorganization

·         Disputes over wages or holiday entitlements

·         Interpretation of employment agreements and policies

·         Concerns over health and safety in the workplace